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COMPANY: Streamlabs
POSITION: 3D Designer

PROJECT: AR Facemasks for Livestreamers

As part of the Streamlabs team, I contributed to the development of an augmented-reality feature for live streaming channels where viewers could apply 3D masks to the face of a live streamer – midstream with real time face-tracking.  This tool facilitated interaction and engagement between streamer and audience, and increased streamer revenue. In addition to being compatible with the company’s proprietary OBS software, the system was also picked up by Twitch and could be enabled via Twitch extension.


  • Assisted lead programmer with pipeline development
  • Fully developed each asset from initial concept to final output: modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting and rendering

  • Produced hundreds of original face masks as well as IP-specific masks from the Twitch creative team 
  • Tools: Maya, Substance Painter