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DECENTRALAND is a virtual universe built on the Ethereum blockchain.  Players can purchase NFT assets and import onto land parcels in the metaverse. The MAGNA BUILDING was a limited edition 3D builds released as an architectural NFTs.

The challenge with these 1×1 builds was a scene limitation of 10,000 triangles.  View NFTS on OPENSEA.


The Magna building is a stylish two-story structure custom designed to fit on a 1×1 land parcel. Perfect for your bar, shop or gallery, the space was built using only 5525 triangles, 6 materials and 4 textures, leaving you plenty of room for customization. The highest bidder receives the 3D model in a GLB file which can be easily imported into the visual builder and deployed directly to a land parcel. Triangles: 5525/10000 Materials: 06/20 Textures: 4/10